Dashboard X Cydia Tweak Review for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad

The Cydia tweak which will be reviewing today has to be our favorite tweak till now. The tweak named is Dashboard X developed by Cjori. Rather calling Dashboard X as a tweak we would call it an app, as it contains lot more features than simple tweak. The purpose of this app is to integrate notification widgets to springboard pages.

The Dashboard X works only on iOS 5 and you can download different addons compatible with Dashboard X from Cydia. Once you install Dashboard X all you need to do is tap and enter into wiggle mode and then hold anywhere on screen and you will notice add new widget screen with list of widgets downloaded from Cydia on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad along with stock apps which comes with iOS.


You can simply select any widget you want to add on your home screen and adjust its position where you want to be positioned. You can also similarly add widgets to dashboard.

All you need to do is go to Dashboard app and enabled widgets and it will list all the compatible Cydia Tweaks and apps which you can add to notification center.

You can also modify the activation method for dashboard or add more widgets from more addon settings. Dashboard X is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Dashboard X is available for purchase at $1.99 from ModMyi Repo.

Here is our video review of Dashboard X,

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