SwipeSelection Edit Text on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad By Using Gestures to Move Cursor

One the big issue with iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad text selection is slow cursor movement this is typically frustrating when you have made spelling mistake and quickly want to correct it. To fix this annoyance here is nice Cydia tweak SwipeSelection from the big boss repo.

The developer behind this tweak, Kyle Howells got the inspiration for this tweak from the concept video of Daniel Chooper.

As the name suggest, SwipeSelection is tweak to improve the way you can move your cursor over text on your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. Basically SwipeSelection turns your keyboard area in gestures where in you can move your figure like you do on laptop track pad to quickly move cursor around text.  Once you are at the position of your choice you can add/delete or correct the spelling mistakes.

SwipeSelection currently works on Message, Notes, Safari and Mail app. The developer is working towards support for Sparrow and rich text editors.

The SwipeSelection Cydia tweak is available for purchase at $1 from The big boss repo,

Check Out our video review on SwipeSelection Cydia Tweak.

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