The Next Apple iPad to be Branded as iPad HD (Rumor)

In next 36 hours we will know everything about Apple’s next iPad 3 and till last moment rumors and claims will keep popping up on internet. The latest claim comes from VentureBeat, based on their reliable source tells that, Apple’s next iPad 3 will be branded as iPad HD. For time to time we have been hearing rumors that Apple is planning to add retina display on their iPad and this naming could signify that Apple will be marketing this feature as one of the major improvement .

iPad 2 sports  much lower resolution, 1024 by 768 display which fails to play even 720p HD videos but with iPad HD, it will be the only tablet in market capable of running 1080i full resolution videos, and wil also offer a sharper text and pictures. As per rumors Apple’s next iPad is expected to sport a ridiculously high-resolution display running at 2048 by 1536 pixels. iPad HD will also sport A5X cortex processor and not A6 quad core processor.

The second piece of claim from VentureBeat is about screen size of iPads. As per their source, Apple is stacking up 7.1 inch screen components for the next iPad which will be announced in second half of 2012. The similar rumor related to screen size were floating some time back but that rumor suggested screen size of 7.85 inch which VentureBeat has claimed to be illogical, citing Apple wont launch iPad with just 2 inch difference in screen size instead they would go for 7 inch as perfect competitor to Amazon Kindle Fire.

The rumors are meant to be taken as grain of salt and in less than two days we will know which rumors are true.

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