iOS 5.0.1 Bug Found, Lets Attacker to Bypass Passcode and Access Contact list, Calls History & Make Calls

Bugs in Apple iOS are not usual but they do exists like those used for jailbreaking devices, however they are far more advance and usually found by security researchers and iPhone experts. Today’s bug found in iOS 5.0.1 is discovered by those who are not security researchers but a regular user of iPhoneIslam.com. The bug lets unauthorized user to bypass passcode and access contact list, calls history, favorites or make a call.

Though it may sound as big issue but it is not easy to trigger this bug and requires attacker to have access to victim’s iPhone and his number. Below is the video published by iPhoneIslam.com demoing bug in action.

As you can see from the video that attacker needs to keep trying to match the perfect timing to trigger this bug. We can presume that severity of bug is not high and likely Apple will fix this issue in their upcoming iOS update, iOS 5.1. Till that time make sure you don’t hand over your iPhone to unidentified user.


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