2048×1536 retina screen in iPad 3

Recently there has been a lot of speculation from multiple websites and sources regarding the new iPad 3 parts. One particular part that has had a lot of attention is the high resolution retina display that is expected in the highly anticipated Apple product.

MacRumours has recently been able to get hold of a 2048×1536 retina display that will feature in the new iPad 3. MacRumours had a look at the iPad 2 and iPad 3 screen under a microscope and found that the iPad 3 will have twice the amount of pixels as the iPad 2. The screen itself is still the standard size of 9.7″ in diagonal which is the same as the iPad 1 and iPad 2 but has twice the amount of pixels which will give the iPad 3 an extremely high quality picture and out do any other product in its league.

The tested iPad 3 screen had come just as a screen and had no way of powering it up, but even with low lighting it was still possible to tell that there is 16 pixels (4×4) in the same area that as 4 pixels (2×2) that is in the iPad 2, that therefore means that each pixel is on quarter the size of the ones in the iPad 2.


“The iPad 3 screen was labeled as OEM replacement parts for iPad 3 and are apparently in mass production” says MacRumours. They also stated that it is unlikely for any other 3rd party company to mass produce a screen with 2048×1536 which makes them more confident that these screens should appear in the iPad 3. Although there are pros and cons in having such a high resolution screen, the pros are definitely a much bigger deal.

It has also been confirmed that the iPad 3 will be running on a new A5X on-a-chip-system. It us a possibility that the new A5X chip could be a quad core, and if not, a dual core that uses either a higher clock speed on a 28-nanometer process or a Arm cortex-A15 architecture.


With the new A5X chip and 2048×1536 screen, this should be the fastest and best looking iPad yet. Apple have scheduled to have an official media event on March 7 to introduce the iPad 3 and confirm the iPad 3 parts and release date.

Source: MacRumours

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