Ultrasn0w Supported Baseband List for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 & iPhone 3GS

If you are looking for supported baseband list for unlocking using Ultrasn0w then it is likely that you are new into iPhone unlocking. So, before we point you to the list of basebands aka modem firmware supported by Ultrasn0w, let us explain what is iPhone unlocking and what is baseband.

In layman’s terms iPhone unlocking means trying to use your iPhone (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S) on unsupported carries. Until iPhone 4, all the iPhones sold in US were locked to one carrier i.e AT&T. Though most liked the iPhone as a device but weren’t okay with carrier constraint i.e AT&T. The reason could be you already have number with other carriers like Sprint or T-Mobile or if you are planning to travel to other country and don’t want to be on roaming, which will cost you a havoc.

And above scenario lead to the world of iPhone unlocking. The one of most easy form of iPhone unlocking has been using software unlock method like Ultrasn0w, developed by iPhone Dev Team. In this method one has to only install Ultrasn0w iPhone app on his jailbroken iPhone and it does its magic and you are free to use your choice of mobile carrier on your iPhone.

Since Ultrasn0w unlock is designed by exploiting loophole present in iPhone baseband software which is unique to each iOS firmware release, it is only possible to unlock your iPhone, if you are on one of those supported baseband list and that’s the reason before purchasing second hand iPhone or attempting to update to new iOS firmware, you must make sure that iPhone is on supported baseband list.

In order to check baseband go to iPhone settings app and the tap on General ->about and scroll down and find “Modem Firmware” version number. At present Ultrasn0w software unlock only supports following basebands,

Ultrasn0w Supported Baseband List

iPhone 4S

(no unlock achieved)

iPhone 4


iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3G






There is one more method of iPhone unlocking which involves using specially crafted SIMs and SIM trays, known as SIM interposer. Though they have their own restrictions and legality issues in different countries, read more about SIM interposer, Gevey SIM and TCSIM here.

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