Possible New iPod Nano with Camera ?

Yes, you read the title correctly. There is a chance that we will be seeing the next generation of the iPod Nano with a Camera. The leaked images are off of a Japanese blog named Apple.pro. Their site had leaked images, similar to the ones now, back in April. These new shots are suggesting that Apple may be tinkering on a next-gen iPod nano with a proposed 1.3-megapixel camera on the back. From the looks of it Apple will be keeping the same/current Nano size and display, but adding a camera hole in the clip.

The hole within the back clip seems as though it would be housing a camera lens that sticks out from the chassis. Over at patently apple they have details of a Live Chameleon-Like Screen Saver. But along with the details about that they have some images from the patents that could be hinting at a camera also.

Not only does it look like a 1.3 megapixel camera. But it also shows word of a microphone. This will bring great new things for Apple Lovers out there, being able to have a nice small device that you can just snap some quick pics and listen to tunes while you do it. The next step of whether it will shoot video or not is unknown. Knowing Apple, it is most likely that the camera will support both photo and video modes. If you are wondering where the mic is, just look at the top of the Green Nano in the image below. The small pinhole is the big hint for a mic. This microphone could also mean the possibility of a Voice-Activated Siri Control. Although the Nano does not contain the chip for a network connection it is very possible that it may be squeezed in there with the camera.

Below is the image of the chassis itself separated in parts map. This may be a complete fooling but the guys over at the Apple.pro blog have done pretty well in the past with giving out some good info on new Apple products. Verizon iPhone 4 schematics from Foxconn were released from them along with images of the mini touch-screen found in the current iPod Nano. Not only those two things but also accurate iPad 2 details, and even more.

When does it look like we could see this great new change you ask? Well from the looks of things it is going to be around March to mid or late April says other sources. Following this would be possible release of the iPhone 5…

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