Official Gmail iPhone App Released with Bug Fixes

The first release of Gmail for iPhone app from Google went really bad, because of all those bugs and awful user experience since it was just web app and not really a native Gmail app. Though Google did removed App within hour of its release to App store but it did enough harm and backlash from iPhone users.

Learning from mistakes, Google has once again released Gmail App with version 1.0.2 in app store and this time they have a true native app. Below is the list of features offers by Gmail iPhone App,

1. Receive notification badges for new messages

2. Read your mail with threaded conversations

3. Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam

4. Keep track of important messages with priority inbox

5. Auto-complete contact names as you type

6. Send and receive attachments

7. Search through all your mail

The Gmail app is available for devices running iOS 4 and above for both iPhone and iPad users.

Official Gmail iPhone App from Google

Download Gmail iPhone App from iTunes Store.

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I love my jailbroken device

Written By Roman
on January 29th, 2015