iOS 5.0.2 to Fix Battery Life Issue Arriving Next Week

iOS 5.0.1 woes is enough to demonstrate Steve Job’s death is biggest loss to Apple. In past Steve Jobs had made sure that Apple doesn’t mess with their product or big iOS update launches but with iOS 5.0 and iPhone 4S, Apple has lost their gripe quickly and battery life issue has been under discussion despite of Apple releasing iOS 5.0.1 to fix this issue.

Now with new rumors being reported by 9to5mac, Apple is working on iOS 5.0.2 to fix the battery life issue, As macerkopf.de reported, the usual battery life of iPhone 4S is approximately 40 hours in standby mode however many factors and settings can hugely influence battery life and it can drain quicker than you may think.

Another reason of faster battery drain on iOS 5 and iPhone 4S is SIRI, which is resource intensive, the work is being carried out to allow users to control some of the hardware settings such as GPS, telephone network and time zone related, where users can temporary switch off this hardware settings and can potentially save battery life.

Apple is making every effort to resolve the problems with poor battery performance; Apple has set a deadline to release iOS 5.0.2 as soon as possible and should be available by next week for download.

Stay tuned with us for iOS 5.0.2 release and jailbreak related news.

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