Siri Ported on iPhone 3GS Successfully (Demo Video)

The day Apple unveiled iPhone 4S with new SIRI feature which is not available to any of the existing devices, every iOS device owners are asking for only one thing, will be possible to port Siri & make it work on older devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch & iPad ?

We have seen initial success from Steve Troughton-Smith, he was the first one to demo Siri UI loading on iPhone 4. At that time Smith couldn’t make the siri on iPhone 4 to communicate with Apple server but after few weeks Smith with the help of Chpwn, iphone Dev team member were able to communicate siri with Apple server successfully however due to Apple’s copyright ground Siri is not yet made available for older iPhone and iPad users.

The another question which has been asked by many users is, possibility to have siri on older iPhone, i.e iPhone 3GS and iPod Touches. Well the answer of this question is here. Once again Smith and chpwn has successfully ported siri to iPhone 3GS.

Check out below demo video of Siri running on iPhone 3GS,

There are rumors suggesting that Apple is working on making Siri available for older iPhones and iPod Touch. The only thing is to do now, is wait, if Apple doesn’t allow siri on older devices then we for sure know iPhone hackers like Smith and Chpwn will do.

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I thought siri made the iphone 4 laggy how is it working on an iphone 3gs so well?!?!

Written By louis
on November 9th, 2011