Enable Panorama Mode on iOS 5 in iPhone 4 & iPad 2 with FireBreak

You might be wondering why iPhone or iPad camera doesn’t offer panorama mode photo shooting, well though in previous versions of iOS Apple didn’t offered panorama shots but in iOS 5 Apple did worked on adding panorama mode in iOS 5 camera app. However it couldn’t make it into final release of iOS 5 and the feature was kept hidden inside codes.

Thanks to @conradev iPhone hacker for discovering hidden panorama mode in iOS 5 and trick to enable it. However the method of @conradev requires you to have knowledge of SSH, and iPhone file editing which may not be case for most. Well the good news is Chpwn iPhone Dev Team member had started working on Cydia Tweak Firebreak which will instantly activate and enable Panorama mode in iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

He did his job very quickly and the tweak is already available for download on Bigboss repository. Follow below simple steps to enable hidden panorama mode.

How to Enable Panorama Mode in iOS 5 Camera App on iPhone 4 & iPad 2

1. You must have jailbroken iOS 5 on iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

2. Now launch Cydia from springboard

3. Go to search and look up for “FireBreak”

4. Tap on FireBreak from search listing and click on install button. That’s it

No new icon will be added to the homescreen. The panorama button is added to options menu in camera app.

Here is how Panorama mode looks on iPhone 4

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