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There is no arguments over that Steve Jobs was mentor for many, inventor and world changer. The Steve Jobs has influenced not only those who liked Apple and Apple produced but also the Apple’s competitors and haters of Apple strategy. The sole reason behind this is Steve Jobs personality and dedication & determination to bring the change to this world.

Steve Jobs who once was kicked out of his own company, Apple Computers, founded two another companies Pixar and Next which got acquired by Apple and once again Jobs came back and become CEO of Apple inc. From that day until his last day Steve Jobs worked harder to make Apple inc world’s biggest company.

After Steve Jobs death, many have expressed feeling of losing irreplaceable inventor and no one can fill his place. Though not many knows much about his personal life, if you are interested you can purchase official Steve Jobs Biography which costs about $18 from Amazon.

As a tribute to Steve Jobs,  PSB has broadcasted a documentary, “Steve Jobs – One Last Thing” on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. The documentary features a never before broadcast, exclusive interview with Jobs.

If you have missed to watch the documentary or living outside the US then here is direct download link of Steve Jobs – One Last Thing documentary. The video run length is 55 min+ and of size about 550 MB.

Download “Steve Jobs – One Last Thing” Video Documentary Torrent.

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I love steve jobs

Written By Rahul
on November 25th, 2014