Airport Utility to Manage WIFI network & Airport Base Stations for iOS 5 Released

There was couple of rumors that Apple is planning to launch iOS 5 app to manage wifi network and first signs of Apple AirPort Utility was caught in early iOS 5 beta versions and the link to download in iOS 5 GM build which was inaccessible.

Today is the day when Apple has scheduled to release iOS 5 and other apps demoed at let’s talk event.  Before we can see iOS 5, Apple has already made Airport Utility and Find My Friend Utility available for iOS 5. However it is not available in iTunes search but you can access and download Airport Utility for free by accessing the direct iTunes link presented at the end of this article.

From the app description, Airport Utility will let you to manage WIFI network and Airport base stations including Airport Express, Airport Extreme and time capsule right from your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.

Features of Airport Utility

1. See a graphical overview of your WIFI network

2. Get information about your connected WIFI devices

3. View & Chance network and WIFI settings

4. Restart & restore a base station or update firmware on a base station when available

5. View or Update passwords for your network, base stations or disks

6. Easily Access network information such as IP addresses, DNS servers and router addresses

7. Manage DHCP reservations and port mappings

8. View status or error messages for your base stations

Download Airport Utility for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

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