How to Backup WhatsApp Chat/Conversions on iOS

WhatsApp has become ubiquitous tool for communication on your smartphones. Not just Whatsapp makes it easy to chat with friends or group messaging but also saves money your money that you would spend on SMS. Unfortunately when you restore your iOS device or reinstall WhatsApp you will lose all the chat conversions that you have received till today.

Not any more, today WhatsApp has been updated to version 2.10.1 and comes with many new features. The list of new features is as follow,

Ability to send multiple photos at same time

URL schema support for 3rd Party apps

iCloud Chat history backup and restore.

Now you can backup all your chat history to your iCloud account and restore back any time you want.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone

1. Update your WhatsApp Messenger to latest version i.e 2.10.1

WhatsApp 2.10.1

2. Once you completed updating, let WhatsApp go through self-optimizing process.

Optimizing WhatsApp

3. Now tap on WhatsApp Settings options and under that Chat Settings.

WhatsApp For iPhone Settings

4. Now select chat backup option at the end of the list and click on Back now.

WhatsApp Chat Settings

WhatsApp Chat Backup

You will need to be singed into iCloud account and have Documents and Data set on.

iCloud Singed in

You can also set auto backup of chat history to daily, weekly or monthly.

WhatsApp Auto Backup Options

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