Fix iTunes Error 3002 Unknown Error Occurred, Device Could Not be Updated

Often when you attempt to update or restore stock iOS firmware or Custom firmware created using PwnageTool or Sn0wbreeze jailbreak you may encounter random errors on iTunes. Unfortunately Apple support site fails to provide a solution or fix for these iTunes error.

Until you fix iTunes error the update or restore process cannot continue and will keep failing. While updating iPod touch to iOS 5 GM build, we also came across iTunes Error 3002 but thankfully we did got the solution to fix this issue. To help those iOS device users getting this error message here we present solution to fix iTunes error 3002.

How to Fix iTunes Error 3002 Unknown Error Occurred, Device Cannot be Updated

1. The error usually occurs when you are attempting to update iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to an beta iOS version firmware.

2. If you have copy of IPSW file then make sure you restore the firmware instead clicking on Shift+update (on Windows ) Option + Update (on Mac) button click on restore button.

Now iTunes should continue without any error. We have also got the video guide on how to fix iTunes Error 3002 for better understanding.

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