How to Downgrade iOS 6.1 to iOS 5.1.1, 5.1, 5.0.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS & iPod Touch 4G

The Redsn0w 0.9.15 jailbreak tool release came with downgrade feature which exploits the typical bug on iOS 5.x and iOS 4.x iPhone firmwares to facilitate firmware downgrading on A4 devices such as iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 4G. However, this downgrade is only possible if you have saved SHSH blobs for that respective firmware.

Back we had posted guide to downgrade iOS 6.0.1 to iOS 5.0.1, 5.1.1. Now here is guide to downgrade iOS 6.1 to iOS 5.1.1, 5.x using Redsn0w 0.9.15b3. We have tested this on iPod Touch 4G and successfully downgraded to iOS 5.0.1 using saved blobs.

Downgrade iOS 6.1 to iOS 5.x

Please note: If you are using Ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone 4, 3GS then stay away from downgrade. If anything goes wrong and you need to restore back to iOS 6.1 you may end up updating your baseband losing your unlock forever.

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How to Downgrade iOS 6.1 to iOS 5.1.1, 5.0.1, 5.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 4G

1. Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3

2. Download iOS 5.0.1/5.1/5.1.1 (the firmware you want to downgrade to)

3. Connect your iPhone 4/3GS or iPod Touch 4G to PC or Mac

4. Now start Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 (run as administrator mode on Windows)

Redsn0w 0.9.15b3

5. Now click on Extras

6. Under Extras click on Even More button

Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 Even More

7. Now click on restore button and click on IPSW. Now browse and select iOS 5.0.1/5.1.1/5.1 IPSW file (or the firmware you want to downgrade to)

IPSW Restore

iOS 5.0.1 IPSW

8. Here for iPhone users, Redsn0w will notify that it can modify the firmware to prevent baseband update, Click on “No”.

9. Now you need to put your device in DFU mode, turn off your iPhone/iPod Touch and follow on screen instructions.

PWNed DFU Mode

DFU Mode instructions

10. Now you need to select SHSH blobs, use local option if you have saved blobs via TinyUmbrella on your PC/Mac or else use Remote option to fetch blobs from Cydia server.

Fetch blobs

11. iPhone users will get a message that your will lose software unlock if you continue, select yes for continue. Only proceed if you have factory unlocked iPhone.

12. At this stage Redsn0w will start uploading critical firmware components and will continue with rest of the restore process.

Checking File System Creating Filesystem restoring NAND

Redsn0w will notify you once the downgrade/restoration process completes.

Successful Downgrade to iOS 5.0.1

That’s it now you can use Absinthe to untethered jailbreak iOS 5.x on your iPhone 4, 3GS or iPod Touch 4G.

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