Watch Apple iPad Mini October 23 Event Live Online (Live Streaming Links)

What is more exciting than knowing Apple has more stuff to show for their fans ? Yes, we are talking about the most rumored piece of this year, the Apple iPad Mini. Though news websites did missed the earlier claim of October 17th Apple event but the October 23rd Apple iPad Mini event from AllThingsD turned out to be accurate.

Apple has sent out the special event invites to media houses and big news websites. According to the invite, Apple is holding special event on October 23rd, however unlike their usual place of the events Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Apple will hold this event at the California Theatre in San Jose .

Apple iPad Mini Event scheduled take place at 10:00 am PT on October 23 and below is the event invite screenshot,

As it happens with all the events of Apple, it won’t be live streaming. Though Apple does makes the event keynote video for download as well as to watch after the event on App store.  It does look disappointing that Apple iPad Mini event will not be live streaming or there is no way to watch Apple iPad mini event live online but you can still follow the ipad mini event live online via live blogging.

As it has been happing since last few years, the invited bloggers and media houses often do the live blogging right from the Apple special event and that’s the best way to follow event live online.  So guys here are the links to watch Apple iPad Mini October 23 event live online.

Update: It seems there is good news for Apple fan boys and Apple enthusiast as Apple is hinting that there will probably live streaming of the Apple iPad Mini event to be held on October 23rd. Though this is not the first time that Apple will be streaming event live but this does happen very rarely. Unfortunately in order to enjoy and watch iPhone 5S/5C live streaming online you need to have either iOS device i.e iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad or Mac OS X with Safari 4.0 or above installed or Apple TV 2nd or 3rd generation.

if you own any of these devices then you can surly watch Apple iPad Mini event live online, just follow below link for the streaming video when event starts.

Watch Apple iPad Mini October 23 Event Live Online

Apple iPad Mini Event Live Blogging




The Verge




Watch Apple iPad Mini October 23 Event Live Streaming


Start timings of iPad Mini October 23 event.

07:00AM – Hawaii

10:00AM – Pacific

11:00AM – Mountain

12:00PM – Central

01:00PM – Eastern

06:00PM – London

07:00PM – Paris

10.30 PM – Mumbai

02:00AM – Tokyo (September 13)

Here is the link to event clock for regional timing if your city is not in above list.

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