Apple iPad Mini to be Unveiled on October 23 ?

Fans tend to believe in rumors when it comes from big media sites like AllThingsD and CNN, unlike rumors from small Apple blogs, which are taken as a grain of salt. On October 1st we had reported a possible iPad Mini event date as October 17th and event invites may go out as early as October 10th. Unfortunately that piece of rumors seems to be less likely become reality. However, the latest piece of rumor from AllThingsD still says the iPad Mini will be unveiled this month.

Sticking to their earlier reports, AllThingsD once again claims that iPad Mini will be likely unveiled on October 23rd. Unfortunately there is no information on location of the event, but AllThingsD predict it would at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium, the place where Apple has unveiled several products in past.

They also suggest that iPad Mini will have 7.85” screen with liquid crystal display and featuring Apple’s latest lighting connector and it would be slimmer compared The New iPad and iPad 2.

We have no doubt that this piece of rumor is going to be 100% true as it comes from highly respectable Apple blog on the internet, AllThingsD.

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