How To Fix iPhone 5 Signal Loss Issue – Another Bug Found

It seems like iPhone 5 could not be tested for so long before its final release because apart from scratches,  maps and purple haze issues, there is also a signal loss issue reported by number of users on Apple support forum. Just like Apple addressed the maps issue and released its quick fix, we hope that Apple will resolve signal loss issue as well via any support document or update of iOS 6. However, we understand that nobody would like to wait for that time. So here is quick fix for signal loss issue in iPhone 5.

Developers have confirmed that it is surely a bug or a software issue in iOS 6. More specifically, your iPhone running on iOS 6 will lose the signals all of a sudden and you will notice the “No Service” note in place of Signal bar area.

iPhone 5 Singnal loss issue

Its solution is very common, but we found it working most of times while facing this issue.

1: Simply reboot the phone.

2: Turn the Airplay mode on and off.

And your phone will catch signals from nearest tower just in a few seconds. Although nobody likes these kinds of small issues after spending a lot of bucks so there should be a permanent solution from any developer or officially from Apple, but up til then we are sure that this handy quick fix will help you guys in getting rid of situation when this bug will hit your phone.

Moreover, there is also a possibility that that this is not an issue in iOS 6, but in hardware. If this is true, then only iPhone 5 users will face this issue. Whereas, in case it is related to iOS 6, then no matter whichever device may install it, the owner will face this issue in that device.

Keeping in view all these issues, we recommend to stay away from updating your idevices to iOS 6, until and unless any update will be released by Apple.

Are you the one of those who already have faced this issue? If yes, then don’t forget to try this quick fix and let us know your experience with this guide in the comment section below.

Considering number of issues iPhone 5 owners are facing there are great possibility of release of iOS 6 update including fixes of all the issues. As soon as any such document of update will release, we will update our blog. So stay tuned with us. What is your prediction in this respect?

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Reader Comments

Please try and keep me updated because I’m having the same problem with my iphone 5

Written By bongani
on February 26th, 2013

iPhone 5 cuts out on almost every call. Did it twice in about 60 seconds on a call today. Anyone else with this problem?

Written By Anne Freeman
on July 23rd, 2014