iPad 3,6 Appeared in App Analytics Running A6-Based Chip

A developer just reported to Macrumors that the upcoming iPad will be equipped with A6 process. This confirmation will surely cool down the rumor mill to some extent, but keep in mind that its not confirmed by any official yet. Another important fact revealed by that developer is the ambiguity about the next iPad model, iPad 3,6. Which was completely unknown yet. According to our speculation, this new device must include the ARMv7s architecture used earlier in A6 SoC of iPhone 5.

Interesting part of this rumor is that code names of 3rd generation iPad have already revealed as iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2. So keeping it in min, there are great chances that iPad 3,6 will be extension of iPad 3. Same like iPhone 4S is extension of iPhone 4, but considering the modified A6 chip, iPad 3,6 will have enhanced features unlike iPhone 4S.


Another fact that supports this rumor is the launch modified version of A5 chip, A5x  couple of months ago to support quad-core graphics. Same like that, there are great possibilities that next version of iPad will include the modified version of A6 processor, may be A6x introducing enhanced speed and features.

We are pretty sure that Apple will not launch the new iPad any time sooner as it will violate the basic marketing strategy that iPad 3 is still in demand in market and after releasing the new iPad model, Apple will decrease its demand. So we are pretty sure that Apple is just testing the new processor for future iPad models. Which we should not expect any time sooner.

If you are our reader, then you must know that the Apple has plan to launch iPad mini for guys who like iPad in small sizes or who can not offer the normal iPad. Let me clear here that iPad 3,6 can not be iPad mini in any way because the codes of iPad mini have already revealed as iPad 2,5 and iPad 2,6 which will be of 7.85 inch tablet device.

What do you think iPad mini will have A6 or modified version of A6 chip?

What is your opinion about the launch date of iPad mini and unknown model of iPad 3,6? Share your view in the comment section below stay tuned with JailbreakSquad as we will cover iPad mini and the unknown model exclusively.

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