How To Install aTV Flash (black) v2.0.1 Released By FireCore Dev-Team Release With A Lot Of Bug Fixes

Just a month ago, FireCore release the 2.0 version of aTV Flash, but unfortunately, along with so many new features including enhanced look and Last.fm improved filtering, that update also contained couple of bugs. So many users were reporting the issues right from the day first they got hands on that update and today we are very happy to announce that FireCore has released another update, aTV Flash (black) v2.0.1 to fix maximum bugs you faced in last version.  Here is the full change log of this update.
aTV Flash 2.0.1 released

Change Log:

  • Improved trakt.tv syncing and scrobbling
  • Improved handling of nested favorites
  • Resolved issues with DRM file playback
  • Resolved SMB related conflicts with XBMC
  • Resolved minor conflict with Plex
  • Resolved rare issue with thumbnail loading
  • Resolved minor issue observed when clearing metadata
  • Resolved a number of rare crashes
  • Resolved issue that caused some music files to appear in ‘Other’ section
  • Enabled playlist option for top level music folder

Area you interested in having a look at the change log of previous updates as well? Click here.


If you already have purchase the aTV flash, then simple go to Manage Extra in Maintenance menu of your Apple TV and simply upgrade  However, if you never purchase the aTV Flash then you can purchase the latest one in just $29.95.

Important thing to remember before upgrading or purchasing this update is that it is compatible with 3rd generation of Apple TV.  So if you own it, then stay away from this update and wait for the one which will support your aTV. We will update our blog as soon as it will be surfaces. So stay tuned with us.

In case you are a noob and don’t know how to install this update, then here a short and simple guide for you.


  • Make sure that your Apple TV is jailbroken using the SeasonPass on latest firmwares.
  • Switch on your TV and connect it any computer running on Mac/Windows.Computer should be connected to any active network.
  • Make sure that Home sharing and Airplay options are enabled.

Installation Guide On Mac:

STEP 1: Download the latest version of aTV Flash (Black) from the link given at the end of this post and run the installer on your aTV.
STEP 2:  Click on “Install” and wait untill all files get copied to you computer.
Transferring of files on Mac
STEP 3: Select the model of your Apple TV from the drop down list.
Select Apple TV From Drop down list
STEP 4: Now all the files copied to your computer in STEP 2, will be transferred to Apple TV.
Transferring Files from computer to Apple TV
STEP 5: Apple TV will get restart and a confirmation message will appear on screen.
Apple TV has beeen jailbroken

Installation Guide On Windows:

STEP 1: After downloading the latest version of aTV Flash, simple run the exe file and select the place where you want to download the files.
Intall aTV Flash on Windows
STEP 2: Select the model of your Apple TV and click on “Next”.
Select Apple TV Model in Windows
STEP 3: After some time, your TV will be restarted and a confirmation message will appear on screen.
Apple TV Jailbroken on Windows

Don’t forget to share you experience with us after upgrading your TV to the latest version 2.0.1. If you find difficulty in any of the above step, then do let us know. We will get back to you with a working solution in minimum possible time.

Download Link:

aTV Flash (Black) 2.0.1

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