Apple iPad Mini Event Invites to be Sent Out on October 10 (Rumors)

Apple has manage to kept tight lid on its products till announcements until few years back but with increasing popularity of Apple and its product has caught attentions of not only big news media houses but also small blogs and websites trying to get every possible scoop of next big thing Apple developing and the iPhone 5 was one such big example, as most of the rumors about iPhone 5 turned out to be true. In fact the iPhone 5 housing was leaked weeks ahead of the actual iPhone 5 announcement.

Apple iPad Mini is the another piece of rumor which we have been hearing since the start of this year. Many suggesting that Apple might be working on 7” tablet to compete with Amazon Fire and other similar devices of $250 price segment.

Update: Watch Apple iPad Mini event

Update: Watch Apple September 10 Keynote Live Online

The latest mile of rumor from CNN suggests that Apple iPad Mini will be unveiled on October 17th and the media houses should receive event invites on or before October 10. If this becomes true then Apple iPad Mini will be launched on November 2nd plenty of time ahead of holidays.

CNN source of this rumor is no other than major Apple investor on whom they have no reason to believe. Check out below video of hands on iPad Mini dummy model,

Only time will tell how much of these turns out to be reality, till that time stay tuned with us for up to date information on all thing Apple.

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