Redesigned Headphones for Next Generation Apple iPhone (iPhone 5) Surfaced

We all are almost certain that Apple’s next generation iPhone will be radically different from its ancestors. The rumored changes include bigger screen, mini dock connector, mini sim, changes in headphone jack position and much more. Now here is yet another interesting report coming from Vietnam.

Tinhte.vn,  publishing photos and videos of many pre-released Apple products parts has once again got their hands on purported totally redesigned headphones to be shipped with next generation iPhone 5. The current headphones which comes with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, has remained majorly unchanged since first iPhone launch in 2007 and there are endless complains to this poorly designed headphones which not only has bad sound quality but also frustration for most iDevice owners as they rarely fit in the ear, and even if it does, it is hard to put it on for long hours.

Apart from its default headphones, Apple also offers in-ear headphones, sold separately but it is hugely overpriced and has bad sound quality too. The new headphones caught into the hands of Tinhte looks more like a hybrid of two current versions of Apple headphones.

Tinhte says the headphone in their hands is small and light in weight; also the design makes it easy to put in ear without causing any discomfort, but they also said that they are still unsure whether this headphone will be shipped with iPhone/iPod touch or will be sold separately.

New iPhone 5 headphones

Though it is largely left for speculation but the wait is not long now as Apple is widely expected to announce the next generation iPhone on September 12th and soon we will know which rumors were true and what Apple has to offer.

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