iPad Mini 3D Rendered Images Based on Reports and Leaked Schematics

In last few days there are number of rumors and reports has been leaked about Apple iPad Mini, the product which once looked imagination of fan boys is slowly becoming reality. The latest piece of rumors suggests iPad Mini will look like big iPod Touch with small bezels on the side in portrait mode. Other distinct modifications of iPad Mini are instead volume rocker, a separate volume buttons and mic added at the back.

9to5mac reporting that they are getting news tips with images of the iPad Mini cases all pointing at Nexus 7 like tablet device from Apple. The 9to5mac has created 3D rendered images of iPad Mini which may give you good idea about how iPad Mini will look like, images after the break,

 (Click on Image to Enlarge)

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

As always take these rumors as grain of salt, when time comes we all will know what Apple has to offer.

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