Apple to Launch Smaller, Cheaper iPad to Complete with Nexus 7

Since the launch of iPad 1, the first tablet device Apple has pretty much dominated the tablet market with 60% of market share. Despite tremendous efforts from Android manufacturers Asus and Samsung, android tablets has failed to gain market share. However the Amazon Kindle Fire is the only tablet which is successful in 7” tablet segment and it also proves that there is reasonable demand of tablets less than 10” screen.

The latest announcement from Google to sell Nexus 7, cheaper and smaller 7” android tablet is an desperate attempt to quickly gain market share before Apple even enters into 7” tablet arena. But well Cupertino based giant has some other plans, Apple don’t want Google and other manufactures to gain dominance in tablet market hence they are preparing for smaller and cheaper 7” tablet for October launch, reported by Bloomberg.

As per Bloomberg sources, the new tablet will fall in between 7” and 8” model and will not sport retina display to keep the price low. The probable launch date of smaller iPad is expected to be October, and if this comes true, it may well uncut the ambitions of Google, Amazon and Microsoft to gain traction in the tablet market.

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