iPhone 5 Will Have 19 Pin Mini Connector

There has been lot of expectations that Apple will make radical design shift in their next generation iPhone i.e iPhone 5. For long time now we have been hearing lot of rumors, starting from screen size to headphone jack placement, micro sim support and even change in dock connector size.

Yes, Apple will be ditching their good old 30-pin dock connector in their next generation iPhone. Confirmed by TechCrunch, Apple will include 19-pin min port in the new iPhone.  The move is definitely aimed towards saving the space to house bigger battery size or other iPhone components.

This also means that all your iPhone accessories using 30 pin connector may become redundant. The bigger issues are for iPhone accessories manufacturers as they have to change their entire assembly line and make the changes to their accessory design to include 19-pin mini connector.

The current 30-pin connector has been same since iPod Touch 3G days and Apple’s move to ditch this connector is welcomed move, the next big thing can’t start by carrying legacy forward.

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